Lucy and William

On Sunday Lucy and William from Warrington visited Scotland to attend one of my half day landscape photography workshops. I had pledged this workshop as part of an auction last year to raise money for Wateraid

We met at the Norton House Hotel where I gave an outline of the afternoon. I proposed a trip to one of my favourite locations which is Elie in Fife as it has a lot of interest for the landscape photographer with a harbour, a lighthouse, an old ruin, interesting geology and sweeping views.

Before we left I warned them that we could get wet as there was an interesting weather front due to pass through Fife mid to late afternoon. I also advised that it would be rather bracing with a strong breeze coming off the sea but this would make for a strong chance of dramatic cloud formations and the possibility of something special.

Well I can confirm we did get very wet as a mini storm swept across the headland but it did make for a phenomena of mammatus clouds which are associated with thunderclouds and unstable weather formations. The cloud formation left behind the storm system was also impressive with beautiful cirrus clouds.

Unfortunately we lucked out with the sunset due to a dense bank of static cloud over Edinburgh though William did get to learn my special landscape photography technique which involves wellington boots. I look forward to seeing Lucy and William's photographs later this week.

The dramatic storm image will go on-line later this week. Interestingly my father in law observed the amazing contrast of black skies and shafts of light from West Lomond Hill, the highest summit in Fife.

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  1. Chris Crawford9:18 PM

    Amazing Martin, truly amazing


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