The Golden Fleece

I'm desperate to take some new landscapes, however the weather is poor at the moment - leaden skies, high winds and heavy showers.

So tonight I looked at some old landscapes from last year. Below is a gem from April 2005 - a rainbow at sunset over the village were I live. I had tried to photograph the whole double rainbow but as I panicked to capture the most spectacular rainbow of my life I mounted my lens incorrectly.

By the time I'd realised my mistake, the 180 arc had disappeared but I noticed this lone sheep at the end of the rainbow - not a pot of gold - but a golden fleece. Note the ridiculously long shadows from the setting sun and the warm light from the dying sun reflecting on the air which is full of water droplets.

To advance at photography you need to make mistakes like this - next time I'll know exactly what to do!

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