An Infra Red Landscape

A photographer who I admire is Simon Marsden. He is famous for his infra red (IR) photography and he has an amazing body of work which can be viewed at his Picture Archive.

I had no wedding today - so I thought I'd try a new technique. A while back I bought an infra red filter - it blocks all visible light and enables me to take infra red photographs

The problem taking infra red photographs with my digital cameras is their response to infra red is very weak so I need to use fast film and very long exposures even when it's bright.

Other problems with using my infra red filter is preventing light leaks and focusing - you cannot see through the viewfinder and you have to estimate focus as IR has a focus shift from visible light.

One great thing about infra red is it makes foilage glow a snowy white. The photograph above is the only photograph I managed this evening as my cable release failed.

I need a cable release as although this was an hour before sunset the exposure is 120s @ f/5.6 using ISO800 film. Hence I have ordered a new cable release so watch out for more infra red in the future.

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