Why I offer proofs

For a small charge you can have proofs of all your wedding images. Typically that's 300 or more images. Proofs are printed with black borders on fuji 6x4 gloss paper and look like those below.

The reason I offer this is the internet does no justice to my imagery - especially photographs of groups as the images on the internet compress the details about one hundred fold.

Also everyone's monitor is different - just like when you go in an electrical store - note how the colour of all the televisions look different. In particular laptop monitors are often set too bright.

These proofs have a black border with the image reference - so it makes choosing your favourites real easy. You can also show wedding images to family who have no internet access.

Prints have black borders plus a white key line. This allows the prints to be handled without getting fingerprints on the image itself. I prefer gloss photographs for their vibrant colours.

I also try and source an acid free storage box like the one illustrated below, to hold the proofs of your wedding photographs as 300 or more 6x4 prints take up a lot of room.

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